Biostrong® starts your flock strong and maximises production

Biostrong® starts your flock strong and maximises production

Biostrong® Protect OFC
• Maintains feed intake particularly under conditions of enhanced challenge
• Supports poultry gut health and resilience to stress over periods of enhanced stress
• A highly reliable phytogenic solution for poultry species based on quality and science
Biostrong® 510 OFC
• Improves nutrient digestibility and retention independent of age
• Improves feed conversion ratio, enhances body weight, or improves rate of lay
• increases egg weight and egg mass, improves eggshell strength
• Significant reduction of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions
• Improves bone strength
• Supports intestinal health
Biostrong® Protect OFC is designed to keep organically reared birds in optimal condition especially in phases where enhanced health challenges are foreseen. Based on natural phytogenic compounds, such as saponins and a specifically selected blend of essential oils, the components in Biostrong® Protect OFC work in synergy to maintain normal intestinal health and feed intake, thus supporting profitable production under challenge conditions. Biostrong® 510 is an EU EFSA Zootechnically registered phytogenic feed additive to improve poultry performance and feed efficiency in broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, and other avian species. It is designed to deliver performance in poultry production by improving feed efficiency, increased weight gain and egg production.
Multiple farm trials have been run-in free-range layer (both conventional and organic) systems to demonstrate the benefits of treating birds with the Biostrong® portfolio of phytogenic additives.
Biostrong Protect in conventional free range layers 16-40 weeks age produced approximately an additional 7900 cartons of 12 eggs from a flock of ca. 20000 birds (ca. 400 cartons/week). Biostrong Protect followed by Biostrong 510 in the organic flocks 16-77 weeks age on average between the two flocks produced approximately an additional 11300 cartons of 12 eggs from ca. 4500-4600 birds (ca. 200 cartons/week).

Read the full trail summary here.

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