Last week during the sponsors breakfast at the AARN conference in Melbourne we formally presented our latest product offering LithoNutri® to the Australian market.

Our goal in bringing this particular product to both the Australian and New Zealand animal feed markets is in line with AusPac’s continued commitment to industry improvement, product quality and animal performance.


What is LithoNutri®?

LithoNutri® is a highly effective organic slow-release buffer that is composed of 100% calcified calcareous marine algae (seaweed – Lithothamnium). Rich in bioavailable Calcium and Magnesium carbonate, it also contains over 70 other minerals, that contribute to the health, growth, reproduction, and maintenance of ruminants.

Sustainably extracted far from any contaminants, 50km off the North-eastern coast of Brazil, LithoNutri® particles are unique to the source. Regional equatorial environmental conditions produce a material of high purity, low incidence of silica, shell, and heavy metal content.

Typical analysis:

Nutrients Values
Min Max Units
Calcium 32 36.5 %
Magnesium 3 4.5 %
Heavy Metals (total) <0.1 ppm

For more information, please contact your local AusPac representative.

Download this article in pdf.

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